Residual index function

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Most people are used to terms like Active Income, Plan B, Multiple Streams of Income and Residual Income system.
Now the latest income system is proresidual

We truly care about our users and our product.

Since the Residual Index is automatic every account that occasioned the earnings of the preceding year would automatically be re-entered by the Residual Index to occasion the earnings again.

Members can however opt out from the PRORESIDUAL program entirely and the effect of the RESIDUAL Index by simply ensuring there is no funds or not enough funds in their wallets on their anniversary dates

Residual index function

RESIDUAL Index application on all packages means additional referral bonuses as well as point values Rents and Stipends. Hence, PRORESIDUAL says earn for life

A member who earns about N6m from the over N10m in Bronze referral bonuses in the first year doesn't need to do anything to earn it again the following year than ensure the package fee is available (N5000) in the wallet at the anniversary date. The Residual Index utilises the given package fee as a re-entry into the system to generate wealth for members without any further work.

Proresidual ....the power to buy the future.