Proresidual Awards

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People's financial failures are simply system failures. We present to you a failure proof money system.
welcome to the future.

We truly care about our users and our product.

Members earn points from 10 generations.

A single downline 's effort can earn an upline several awards provided the upline has at least 3 directly sponsored members.

Proresidual Awards

Awards follow only points accumulation which comes from new entrants, higher package activations and Residual Index Re-entries. No leg balancing or point distribution restrictions.

  • Star - 1 Award - N150,000
  • Star-2 Award - N300,000
  • Star - 3 Award - N450,000
  • Residency Award - N900,000
  • Honours Award - N1,200,000
  • Ambassador Award - N3,000,000
  • House Award - N6,000,000

Proresidual ....the power to buy the future.