How it works

An organisation with unique creations.

How it works

Proresidual upholds and preaches that one should work for a while and then retire to enjoy the fruit of one's work.

While very few persons ever qualify for House Awards in most MLM platforms, Proresidual provides for participants to qualify (early in the program) to earn their annual rents continuously for life while they wait for the House awards.

While very few ever qualify for periodic leadership bonuses in most MLM platforms Proresidual provides for members to qualify (early in the program) for themselves or named beneficiaries to earn desired monthly stipends for life.

We help everyone get results easily in MLM with our in-built Teamwork, Team Spillover and Auto-Reversed Referral Bonus system.


We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible


Monthly Stipends & Annual Rents

This compensation is one uncommon creation from Proresidual.

The model says refer at least 3 members directly and with your team grow five levels in our 3 x 10 matrix and qualify to receive your package fee 12 times in 12 months continously for life.

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Residual index function

The residual index applies on every package on the anniversary date of the package.

The residual index function in Proresidual is the magic wand that ensures that members do not earn less than they earned in their preceding year.

Any additional work any member may do after the first year adds to his earnings year in year out.

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Proresidual Awards

Awards drop automatically into member's wallet the moment the needed points accumulate.

The awards system follow only points accumulation which comes from new entrants, higher package activations and residual index Re-entries. No leg balancing or point distribution restrictions.

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Activating Higher Packages

Members can activate higher packages at anytime but in ascending order. We run a follow your sponsor system.

One's downlines follow him to all the higher packages where the sponsor is active, and the same percentages on referral bonuses apply as well as the given PV for the packages. Activating a package is paying fully the package fee. Every package also enjoys the Rents and Stipends provision.

Where a member activates higher packages before his sponsor his sponsor will lose his referral bonus and PV on the package(s).

Those who follow the original sponsor will now follow him and help fill up the genealogy arrangements for the fast tracking member in all packages where he activated before his sponsor.

To ensure this overtaking does not happen a sponsor may want to activate as many packages as possible before any downline.

  • Follow your sponsor system.
  • Rents and Stipends provision.

Additional Features

We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

VTU Earnings

This is the basic privilege of every member of Proresidual.

Members earn for every transaction they do either for themselves or for others.

Referral Bonuses

A total of 60% is given out in referral bonuses.

Referral bonus earnings is in 10 levels for all packages without discrimination.


Every Honours awardee becomes an Hon. member of Proresidual and would earn 2% of every fresh registration in his team for life.

Proresidual ....the power to buy the future.