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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Since everyone starts with N5000 and all packages earn to the 10th level why activate the higher packages?

One's package fee is same as his Rent or Stipends. Activating a higher package affords members the opportunity to earn bigger Rents and Stipends.

We run a follow-your-sponsor system...those who joined you in a lower package will follow you to higher ones when they activate and fill up your Levels 1 to 5 there too without any extra struggle.

Higher packages means bigger referral bonuses, bigger PVS accumulations towards awards.

02. When a sponsor has not activated a higher package can a downline activate, if yes what happens?

A member can activate higher packages before his sponsor.

When this happens, the sponsor would lose the applicable referral bonus and PV and his position in the genealogy of the given packages.

Should the original sponsor activate the higher packages, he would come under the fast tracking member in those packages and would follow his forever in the given packages.

Sponsors may want to activate some higher packages ahead of their downlines to avoid such painful overtaking.

03. On which days can a member make withdrawals and at what charge?

Withdrawals can be done everyday. Members get credit within 24hrs at N150 flat charge.

04. What is Rents/Stipends?

This is the special allowance members get which comes either monthly (monthly stipends) or annually(rents)

05. What qualifies a member for Rents/Stipends?

When a member's 1st to 5th levels are filled evenly on any Package.

07. What is spill over?

It is the random placement of team members under existing members in the genealogy by the effort of existing uplines.

08. What is the benefit of spill over?

It helps members to qualify for Rents/Stipends faster.

09. What is the number of referrals needed from each member?

No maximum number, but a minimum of 3.

The more a member refers the more he earns.

10. What does a member who has less than 3 referrals lose?

He will never earn Rents or Stipends even when his levels 1 to 5 may have been evenly filled up by spillover and team members activities.

He will never earn an award even if his points are fully completed for all awards.

If you don't find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us. support@proresidual.com

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