About us

....the power to buy the future

Our Vision

To be that global agent of change that leads the vanguard for a new wave of financial convenience to our world.

Who we are

Proresidual is an organisation with Nigerian origin, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) to carry out a range of services.

Our Mission

Re-educate and move our world from the strict limitations and demeaning mockery of active income systems to the unparalled largeness of residual income systems.

Why choose us?

We are a first line MLM company with unique creations focused at creating good employment and business opportunities to reduce porverty significantly around the world.

Our primary product is Airtime. As a mega distributor and a bills payment solution gateway we engage in airtime recharges, data deals, Cable TV subscriptions and electricity bills payment.

Proresidual is committed to meeting basic needs and creating massive cash flow to give our world a great financial experience.

We are championing the vanguard to restore the diginity of life by re-educating and exposing our people to residaul income systems so our people don't spend all their lives working and looking for money.

The power to Buy the Future.

Our compensation plan is a major strength. While very few persons qualify for House awards and periodic Leadership bounses in most MLM outfits, Proresidual has this unique provision for our distributors to qualify for their annual rents and/or desired monthly stipends for life very early in our affilate program while they wait for the mega awards and bonuses.

Distributors on this platform (Independent Business Owners) are exposed to so much FINANCIAL CONVENIENCE using our most profitable VTU channel.

We have created a system that guarantees that one can work actively for only one year and retire to so much cash flow annually without further work. With this we are committed to solving money chanllenges so people can face the reasons they are created, so together we can make our world a better place.

These and many more have secured Proresidual her pride of place in the MLM industry and financial empowerment sphere at large.