Now the latest income system is here, PRORESIDUAL.

It is the power to produce your own financial rest in ONE YEAR.

We know Active Income... where one's income is determined by his activity; then Plan B which suggests a second income source, then Multiple Streams of Income which means multiple avenues to earn and the popular Residual Income which connotes earning from an activity or investment done in the past no matter how little. Now the latest income system is here, PRORESIDUAL.

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Residual income is what this platform is primarily centred on.

A money system where one can actually retire after one year of activity to earn increasingly continuously FOR LIFE WITHOUT ANY FURTHER WORK.

Proresidual's awesome Residual index function.

The residual index function in Proresidual is the magic wand that ensures that members do not earn less than they earned in their preceding year.

Residual index application on all packages means additional referral bounses as well as point values, Rents and Stipends. Hence, Proresidual says earn for life.

The ever amazing Proresidual awards, system.

Awards drop automatically into members' wallet the moment the needed points accumulates.

Awards follow only points accumulation which comes from new entrants, higher package activations and residual index Re-entries. No leg balancing or point distribution restrictions.

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Proresidual ....the power to buy the future.